LC500: Lexus Unveils a New Sports, a 467-HP luxury coupe

Updated: January 17, 2016
LC500: Lexus Unveils a New Sports, a 467-HP luxury coupe

If or when the next-generation Lexus CT premium C-segment car pops up, all we can do is hope that it will look absolutely positively nothing like this.

The 2017 Lexus LC 500 is a luxury coupe built on an all-new architecture for the manufacturer, predicated on improved aerodynamics and enhanced performance.

First seen as a concept at Detroit’s 2012 show, the LC 500 is now unveiled as a production-ready 4-person coupe, which Lexus is putting forward as its new flagship sports coupe. It sleeker lines, aggressive stance and commitment to responsive power – 467 HP, 389 lb-ft of torque – fits the new model squarely within Lexus’ strategy of appealing to a younger, more vibrant demographic.

The front fascia of the new LC 500 displays a new version of Lexus’ trademark “spindle” grille, flanked on three sides by chrome elements as well as a newly created 3D mesh design. L-shaped running daytime front headlights accompany a triple LED headlamp package for a decidedly lean and mean sports-car look.

Lexus’ commitment to refinement inside its cars’ cabins is still as strong with the LC 500, even within the confines of the sports coupe segment. The driver’s seat is quite stridently cockpit-minded, but attention was given with all seats to providing sufficient comfort for longer road trips.

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