Lawsuit Over Shot-Down Drone Could Set U.S. law: How close is too close?

Updated: January 19, 2016
Lawsuit Over Shot-Down Drone Could Set U.S. Law : How close is too close?

‘Drone-Slayer’ suit could set US law.

A lawsuit filed against a man who shot down a drone over his Hillview home last summer seeks to resolve what expectations homeowners have to privacy as their property is seen from the air.

The Courier-Journal reports a local judge previously dismissed charges against William Merideth for firing a gun within city limits. Merideth said he feared the drone was spying on his teenage daughters on the back porch.

But now the drone’s owner, John David Boggs, is suing Merideth in federal court, seeking damages for the $1,800 drone.

Boggs also is asking the court to resolve the “boundaries of the airspace surrounding real property, the reasonable expectation of privacy as viewed from the air, and the right to damage or destroy an aircraft in flight.”

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