Lawrence Taylor, Jr. Son Sentenced to 30 Years for Statutory Rape

Lawrence Taylor, Jr. Son Gets 30-Year Sentence For Rape Charges

Lawrence Taylor, Jr., son of the football great, has pleaded guilty in Cobb County court and will spend ten years in prison.

Cobb County, Georgia District Attorney Vic Reynolds’ office announced the sentence on Monday. According to the New York Daily News, his trial was supposed to start on the same day, but Taylor reached a plea deal with prosecutors.

“Resolving this case with a guilty plea provides the victims with finality and prevents them from having to relive their experiences on the witness stand,” assistant district attorney Hannah Palmquist said. “Justice was done in this case, not only because the Defendant will serve 10 years in prison, but because the victims will not have to be put through the emotional toll of a trial.”
Judge Mary Staley sentenced taylor to 10 years in prison and an additional 20 years of probation after his release.

Taylor was arrested on July 7, 2013 after one of the girls he is accused of sexually assaulted called police. He was accused of assaulting two 13-year-old girls in 2012 and 2013. The second victim was assaulted at least four times since 2012.

Taylor’s father was a linebacker for the Giants and is also a registered sex offender. In 2010, Lawrence Taylor Sr. pleaded guilty to patronizing a prostitute and sexual misconduct. Taylor Sr. was inducted into the Football Hall of Fame in 1999.