Lawrence Phillips’ brain donated to CTE scientists

Updated: January 17, 2016
Lawrence Phillips' brain donated to CTE scientists

Lawrence Phillips’ family decided late Friday night to donate the brain of the former NFL and CFL running back to researchers studying traumatic brain jury, according to a USA Today report.

Lawrence Phillips was found unresponsive in his jail cell in Kern Valley State Prison on Wednesday and pronounced dead in what was later ruled a suicide.

Phillips’ mother, Juanita, didn’t initially want to have her son’s brain studied, but was persuaded by her lawyer, Dan Chamberlain.

“She wanted an explanation about what happened, and I told her, ‘Look, the only way you can really explain it is by examining his brain,’” Chamberlain said. “I told her, ‘You owe it to your son, you owe it to every other NFL, college and pee wee and high school and middle school player that played football.’”

Nearly 90 former NFL players have been found to have the debilitating and degenerative disease, according to USA Today. Chamberlain said Phillips’ estate could be eligible for up to $5 million dollars from the NFL players concussion settlement.

Before his death, Phillips reportedly planned to use money from the settlement to fund his defense after he was charged with murdering his former cellmate last fall.

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