Laura Mccomb, Sue Carey : Two more Texans identified from Memorial Day flooding

Updated: June 3, 2015
Laura Mccomb, Sue Carey : Two more Texans identified from Memorial Day flooding

Laura McComb and Sue Carey identified among deceased from Wimberley flood.

The bodies of Sue Carey, 71, and Laura McComb, 34, were found just a few hours apart on Saturday.

A search team recovered Cary’s body along the banks of the Blanco River near Lime Kiln Road and Water Tower Road on Saturday morning, HCSO said.

Laura McComb was found a few hours later in the 700 block of Bluffview Drive near the Blanco River in Wimberley Saturday afternoon, HCSO said.

An adult male found Thursday is also pending identification. HCSO said they do not know if the unidentified body is on the list of missing or is an unreported missing individual.

Confirmed dead:

Michelle Marie Carey-Charba (Corpus Christi)
Jonathan Andrew McComb (Corpus Christi)
Ralph Hugh Carey (Corpus Christi)
Sue McNeil Carey (Corpus Christi)
Laura McComb (Corpus Christi)
Dayton Larry Thomas
Jose Alvaro Arteaga-Pichardo
Kenneth Reissig, age 81


Randy Charba, age 42 (Corpus Christi)
William Charba, age 6 (Corpus Christi)
Leighton McComb, age 4 (Corpus Christi)
A short time later, each family released a statement:


“The outpouring of love and support for our family has been inspiring. People who don’t even know Laura, Andrew and Leighton have spent countless hours searching and praying for them. It’s uplifting. The kindness and hard work of volunteers allows us to take Laura and Andrew home so we can lay them to rest. We can’t thank you enough for helping us through this difficult time.”


The McNeil-Carey families were together today at the First Baptist Church in Wimberley when authorities notified us that one of the bodies recovered Saturday was that of our beloved mother, sister, and grandmother, Sue McNeil Carey. As sad as this discovery leaves us, we feel peace knowing that Sue and Ralph are together again.

While we mourn the loss of our beloved Sue, Ralph and Michelle, we ask our friends, family and members of the community to support our efforts to find our remaining missing loved ones: Randy and Will Charba and Leighton McComb. As trying as this week has been, we continue to be lifted up by the outpouring of love and action by everyone.