Latest Presidential polls 2016: Latino voters really don’t like Donald Trump, shockingly enough – Details

Latest Presidential polls 2016: Latino voters really don't like Donald Trump, shockingly enough

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump boasted about his performance among Latino voters in Nevada this week, but a new poll finds that he wouldn’t fare nearly as well with those voters come November

CNN reported shortly before 12:30 a.m. that Trump won 44 percent of the votes from Nevada’s GOP Latinos, despite strong competition from two Latino candidates.

“This is the wow number of the night,” said David Chalian, a CNN political expert. “It is just unbelievable,” he added.

That 44 percent is 15 points above the 29 percent score won by Sen. Marco Rubio 79%
, who has been touted since 2012 as the GOP’s best shot to win Latino votes.

Sen. Ted Cruz 97%
won 18 percent of the votes, and Gov. John Kasich won four percent.

Rubio and Cruz are Latinos.

However, the number of Latinos in the poll is so small that the survey has a margin-of-error of roughly 10 percent.

In general, Democratic candidates win the vote of immigrant naturalized citizens, and of their grown children.But the GOP can evenly split the votes of prosperous third-generation and later Latinos who view themselves as core Americans. Most of those established Latinos’ have long family histories in the United States, back to grandparents or further.

In fact, that measure tends to understate the GOP’s share of Latinos. That’s because a small but increasing share of Latinos do not describe themselves as “Latinos,” but as mainstream Americans.