Landon Collins clears up the status of his locker – (News)

Landon Collins clears up the status of his locker –

The contents of Giants safety Landon Collins‘ locker became a bone of contention on Wednesday afternoon.

Josina Anderson of ESPN reported that Collins cleared out his locker and said goodbyes to people at the team’s facility. That was countered by local reporters who reported that Collins’ locker had not been cleared out.

Before anyone else could chime in, Collins responded to one of those reporters on Twitter to clear things up. Collins wrote that “the stuff in that locker that I have left I do not need.”

That answer is a logical one and does not preclude Collins bringing the stuff he does need back to the locker room should he remain with the Giants. While Anderson’s report includes a note that Collins doesn’t expect “to be a Giant much longer,” the Giants can use the franchise tag to make that departure more difficult and they have almost two more weeks to figure out if that’s the way they want to go with their 2015 second-round pick.