Laken Tomlinson tears MCL, not ACL – (News)

Laken Tomlinson tears MCL, not ACL –

It did not appear good news for 49ers left guard Laken Tomlinson when he was carted off during Sunday’s game. But medical tests revealed Tomlinson did not tear his anterior cruciate ligament as feared.

“It’s good news in terms of what we might have feared,” 49ers General Manager John Lynch told reporters Monday. “His ACL is intact so that’s a good thing. His MCL is torn, and that’s going to take some time, but I think they are talking three months as opposed to obviously what an ACL could be. That’s what they had a hunch last night. They were feeling good. But the scans did confirm that his ACL was intact. That was really good news for us.”

Tomlinson will not need surgery, Lynch said.

Tomlinson has started 31 consecutive games for the 49ers, taking every snap until Sunday, and he has appeared in 63 of 64 games in his NFL career. He played 32 of 62 snaps against the Rams before injuring his right knee.