Lady Gaga Gets Cop Ticket at Pump Restaurant – Watch

Lady Gaga Gets Cop Ticket at Pump Restaurant

Lady Gaga is popular with just about everyone … except cops, because she got nailed in WeHo.

As Gaga departed the restaurant owned by “Real Housewives” star Lisa Vanderpump, she was surrounded by throngs of admirers, delaying her exit. She was also given a long embrace by Vanderpump herself. Once Gaga finally made it to her passenger seat, a cop strolled up and handed her driver a ticket. The singer did not seem too concerned.

Of course, wading through overzealous fans is nothing new for Gaga. Last month in Paris, a guard protecting the performer put an overzealous supporter in what many outlets called a “chokehold” when the young man got too close to Gaga. There have been previous incidents of physical altercations between Gaga’s security personnel and fans who mob the singer. Nothing violent happened on Friday, but it looks like Gaga’s slow departure from Pump may have led to the traffic violation.