kristoff st. john : Soap star blames mental health facility for son’s suicide

kristoff st. john : Soap star blames mental health facility for son's suicide

Kristoff St. John, star of “The Young and the Restless,” is suing the mental health facility where his son Julian committed suicide last November, claiming the hospital was negligent in its supervision of his son.

According to People, nurses at the mental health center found Kristoff’s son, Julian, facedown with a plastic bag over his head in the same spot they found him in a few weeks prior.

Kristoff St. John is suing the center for negligence and wrongful death.

The suit notes that staff members “regularly skipped mandatory check-ins and regularly falsified documents in order to cover up their neglect.”

La Casa Mental Health Center responded to the suit saying, “The California Department of Health Care Services reviewed the case and on May 5, 2015 found that La Casa was in compliance with all applicable licensing laws and regulations,” the center said. “Similarly, the Los Angeles Department of Mental Health concluded that Mr. St. John’s treatment and care at La Casa was reasonable and in line with clinical procedures, given his mental condition.”

Julian was admitted to the mental health center in September 2014 and was diagnosed with schizophrenia.