Kris Silbaugh: One-handed HS receiver breaks football record in US ‘Watch’

Updated: September 18, 2015
Kris Silbaugh : One-handed HS receiver breaks football record in US

Kris Silbaugh may have been born without a left hand, but he surely wasn’t born without ambition.

Senior Kris Silbaugh is the wide receiver of Cambridge Springs and has broken the school record for receiving yards with a 43-yard touchdown against Saegertown, as per Bleacher Report.

As the engine of the Cambridge Springs offense, Silbaugh has received numerous scholarships from colleges willing to sign the receiver who has defied expectations and has risen from a heartwarming story to dominant force.

Kris Silbaugh, as USA Today reports, was born without a left hand.

“It was just some sort of birth defect,” Silbaugh told USA Today. “Nothing was wrong. It has never stopped me. I just don’t let it. Never have.”

Kris Silbaugh, who has been part of the team since his freshman year, said he learned how to tie his shoes at five years old and started to pick up the pig skin since.

Kris Standing at 6’3″ Silbaugh runs the 40-yard dash in 4.4 seconds, as fast as Atlanta Falcons wideout Julio Jones.

Cambridge Springs head coach Justin Grubbs said Silbaugh immediately proved his was more than a feel-good story with his play in the turf.

“It went from the guys being excited to see if [Silbaugh] could actually do something to them counting on him to make plays. It’s just amazing to see what he’s able to do. He makes catches that you wouldn’t believe. He’s a guy that defenses have to have a game plan for and he’s just so fast.”