Koala fails miserably at trying to climb dancing pole “Watch”

Updated: July 21, 2016
Koala fails miserably at trying to climb dancing pole - Watch

This housebreaking, pole dancing Koala is everything!.

An Australian woman who came home to find a koala had broken into her house captured video of the adorable intruder trying its hand at pole dancing.

Nikki Erickson of Woolgoolga, New South Wales, said in a Facebook post she came home from work one afternoon to find the koala trying to climb her pole dancing equipment like a tree.

“It was pretty shocking walking into my house and seeing this beautiful creature,” Erickson wrote. “It got in through an open [door] we leave open for nitro to get to his bed. Apparently it’s breeding season for them but not very common for them to wander into a house.”

Erickson said she called a koala rescue service to return the marsupial to its natural habitat.

The koala encounter took place in August of last year, but Erickson just recently posted a Facebook video of the animal attempting to climb her pole dancing equipment.

“I’ve named her Larrisa the pole dancing koala bear,” Erickson wrote.