KitKat Filling: Nestle reveals secret ‘ingredient’ between wafers

KitKat Filling: Nestle reveals secret ingredient between wafers
KitKat Filling: Nestle reveals secret ingredient between wafers

The KitKat filling is made up of other crushed Kit Kats?.

If you’ve ever snapped a finger and taken a peek inside, you would have noticed it’s not the same colour as the deep brown chocolate coating reported The Sun.

Nestle’s description is pretty vague, explaining the crispy wafers are moulded together with a “smooth and creamy chocolayer”.

You may be surprised to hear, then, that the “chocolayer” is actually smashed-up KitKats. Mind blown.

The reason is that not all of the biscuits produced are up to scratch.

When they drop off the production line, technicians from the quality assurance team remove any KitKats that are deemed to be below par.

This could be because they aren’t shiny enough, have too many exterior air bubbles or off-centre wafers, or any other imperfections.

Manufacturers reckon consumers don’t want imperfect chocolate bars — though if you’ve ever come across a Kit Kat that doesn’t contain any wafers or has extra thick chocolate at the ends we’d argue it’s like getting a Golden Ticket.

According to the BBC’s Inside the Factory program, rather than throwing away the duds, the rejected bars are recycled back into the production process.

They are ground up into a fine paste which goes on to form the filling you find between the wafers.