Kirk Cousins takes knee, leaves Jay Gruden confused “Watch”

Updated: December 28, 2015
Kirk Cousins takes knee, leaves Jay Gruden confused - Watch

Kirk Cousins takes knee instead of spiking ball, costs Washington field goal.

Redskins starting quarterback Kirk Cousins made an inexplicably moronic play at the end of the first half of tonight’s Redskins-Eagles game. When you see this, you think of Russell Wilson during last year’s Super Bowl in which they were on the one-yard line and weirdly decided to not go “Beast Mode” by handing the ball to Marshawn Lynch.

The Redskins were in the red zone, and with six seconds remaining in the half on 1st & goal, Cousins decided to take a knee to let time expire rather than spike the ball to stop the clock.

They had the opportunity to score on a touchdown, or at least settle for a field goal. But NOPE! Dude made a genius play by taking a knee? Even Redskins head coach Jay Gruden couldn’t fathom why he did that by saying: “I don’t know why Kirk took a knee.”

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