Kirk Cousins draws strong reaction to tweet about Miami – (News)

Kirk Cousins draws strong reaction to tweet about Miami –

The first year of quarterback Kirk Cousins‘ run with the Vikings was not as successful as hoped for player or team, but there’s been no sign that he won’t be back for the fully guaranteed remainder of his three-year deal.

Some Vikings fans appeared ready to show Cousins the door after a social media post on Monday night, however. Cousins is apparently spending some time in Miami and he expressed some warm feelings about the warm weather by referencing LeBron James’ decision to sign with the Heat.

As the replies to that tweet show, such musings did not go over well with those back in Minnesota.

Some might compare Cousins’ tweet with Ron Burgundy’s teleprompter-prompted faux pas about San Diego, so it made sense that the quarterback followed up with an Anchorman reference in another tweet a short time later. He stayed away from posting the rest of the night and enjoying Miami without sharing his thoughts with the world was probably for the best.