Kim Kardashian Visits U.S. Troops : Kisses Navy Sailor (Photo)

Updated: December 2, 2014
Kim Kardashian Visits U.S. Troops : Kisses Navy Sailor (Photo)

Kim Kardashian has shared some photos from her recent visit to cheer the U.S. Navy troops in Abu Dhabi. The reality star took to Instagram on Monday, December 1 to show off some selfies and other photos she took during her visit

Wearing her tightest trousers imaginable and a khaki tied shirt, the star smiled and pouted her heart out with the servicemen and women, even giving one lucky chap a kiss on the cheek.

Don’t get jealous Kanye.

Showing her adventurous side, Kim then managed to get herself up on to an airplane in her strappy stilettos, before flashing the peace sign and SMILING.

Yes, really.

She wrote on Twitter at the time: “Just went to visit the U.S. troops at Port Khalifa for an early Thanksgiving surprise! Such an amazing experience! So thankful for all they do.”

Leaving the troops behind, she saluted as she left the ship, flashing her bum to the happy crowd and cutting a perfect figure.

She certainly had a busy audience, as crowds of fans and servicemen and women joined forces to meet the star.

She was pictured being shown around the vast ship, and listened intently as naval officers explained how everything worked.

It was a busy few weeks for Kim in the Arab Emirates, as she promoted her new fragrance and managed to make her way round some of the best hot spots.

Taking to Instagram wherever she went of course.

She certainly seemed a hit with the troops – and we haven’t seen her look this happy in ages.