Kim And Kyle Richards Feud : RHOBH Reunion Recap

Kim And Kyle Richards Feud : RHOBH Reunion Recap

Kim, Kyle Richards’ Bitter Feud Comes to a Head, After Part Three of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, it certainly doesn’t seem like it. Kim, Kyle, Lisa Rinna and Brandi Glanville faced off yet again tonight, and there was more crying than ever.

As always, Andy Cohen started off slowly, joking about who cursed the most (Lisa Rinna) and why Brandi sleeps with such young guys.

“The guys who hit on me are really young or really, really old,” Brandi told Andy. But it turns out dating a 20-something hottie isn’t all good. “They have a lot of energy [in bed],” she said smiling. But “guys in their 30s and 40s know what they’re doing a lot more.”

Soon Andy started discussing the most vicious feud of the season: Kim and Lisa’s massive fight in Amsterdam. Andy wanted to figure out if the feud ended after the finale filmed — or if there was still animosity between Lisa Rinna and Kim.

It turns out, Lisa Rinna texted Kim multiple times after the finale filmed. “Be very careful or I will f-ck you up,” Lisa Rinna’s first text message read. “You be nice to your sister. You believe her, and stop telling lies. Thanks.”

Then Lisa Rinna texted Kim again. “You need to get wise,” she texted. “Brandi is not telling the truth. She is lying. I should have said that to you in the moment. But I didn’t want another Amsterdam to happen, and it would have.

Lisa Rinna wasn’t done. She sent another one in quick succession. “Your behavior and the way you treat people is not OK,” Lisa texted. “You are nasty, and you need to be stopped now.”

All the Housewives seemed shocked. For weeks, RHOBH viewers blamed Kim for the whole Amsterdam feud. But these text messages sounded really scary.

“What made you send them?” Andy asked Lisa Rinna.

“I just don’t think I was done with everything.” she said, looking very distraught. “And because I have an issue with people shushing me and telling me not to have my feelings and to shut up, I had to say …” Kim interrupted her.

“My dad shut me down a lot,” Lisa Rinna said, crying. Kim started laughing. Looking at Brandi, she said: “She’s gonna cry now.”

“Kim, just leave me alone,” Lisa said, getting more upset.

“You’re going to cry now because people see you want to hurt me. … The truth is you have a problem, and you want to hurt people.”

Eileen Davidson stepped in, defending Lisa Rinna. “I think … the provocation brought something out in her she’d never really seen before in herself,” Eileen said.

“I bet if you look her up she has a record,” Kim piped up. Eileen told Kim to “stop it” because at this point Lisa was starting to cry hysterically.

“She’s been apologizing for this whole thing forever,” Eileen told Kim. “She was appalled with her own behavior.”

Crying uncontrollably, Lisa Rinna said: “I’m sorry. I’m human and I’m not perfect, and I f-cking slipped.” Not only did Kim not accept the apology, she also started laughing.

“I think you’re doing this to seek attention because you are embarrassed that you sent these messages,” Kim told Lisa Rinna. “I am embarrassed,” Lisa replied.

Eileen walked over to sit next to Lisa and comfort her, while Brandi told Kim to stop the whole thing.

Finally, after Brandi told her to stop it, Kim strangely walked over to Lisa and hugged her. It had to have been one of the most bizarre moments of the reunion.

Soon it was time to talk about why the Housewives weren’t sure they wanted to eat the space cakes in Amsterdam. And, more importantly, why Brandi got so upset with Kyle in the coffee house.

“You want to talk about Kim’s sobriety,” she told Kyle. “You want to talk about my sobriety. But, God forbid, I can’t call you out on the fact you smoke a little pot!”

They started calling each other liars. Pot is “not my thing even though I have [tried it],” Kyle said. “I’m a control freak. I get neurotic, and I get paranoid, and I can’t think.”

Kyle was furious that Brandi brought up that they’d smoked pot together in the past (obviously she doesn’t want her children to know she smoked). Brandi kept calling Kyle a hypocrite and liar.

“You’re a liar,” she finally said again. “Maybe you have a drug problem, and you’re in denial.” Andy thought the comment was so ridiculous he was trying not to laugh. “It made me crazy that you were sitting there acting like something you’re not,” Brandi concluded.

Andy referenced the fact that Kim is struggling with her sobriety, and she freaked out again. “Let’s get this straight,” she told Andy. “I am not struggling with my sobriety nor have I struggled with my sobriety. I took a pill for chronic pain I was having.”

“I am sober,” she continued. “I have been sober for three years. I don’t appreciate all the conversations that have been behind my back. I do not need to defend myself nor will I any longer. I don’t appreciate the rumors.”

Andy asked Kyle if she thinks Brandi is tarnishing her relationship with her sister. “When I see them together, and the things Brandi has been putting in her ear this whole time,” Kyle told Andy. “I believe there’s absolutely no way that’s not going to have an impact.”

But Brandi saw it differently. “I think they’ve always had problems, and me being around has nothing to do with the problems they have.”

“Why is it your interest to try to ruin their relationship?” Lisa Vanderpump asked.

“There are things outside this room that have happened that have made me feel differently towards my sister that I don’t want to talk about here today,” Kim said, hinting at the time her dog bit Kyle’s daughter. “And they have hurt me a lot.”

When Andy asked what happened Kyle simply said: “Her dog bit my daughter.” We then found out why Kim was so upset. It turns out that Kim was infuriated that Kyle posted tons of photos on Instagram of her daughter in the hospital.

“I never said it was your dog,” Kyle said. But Kim said it was obvious to the Instagram followers. Kim started getting more and more riled up.

As Kyle talked Kim said: “Here we go again. That’s what she does. This is not part of the f-cking show.”

“It is part of the puzzle,” Kyle said.

“You are horrible!!!” Kim screamed with rage in her eyes.

“My daughter almost lost her hand!” Kyle replied.

They got so upset they both threatened to leave the reunion. “Let me tell you something,” Kim said. “What you did, making a public display. She told all her friends.”

They both called one another mean, screaming and crying hysterically. Finally Kim said, “I don’t want to discuss this anymore.”

“It’s kind of your rules, isn’t it?” Lisa Rinna asked Kim. “From my understanding, it’s Kim’s rules.”

Kyle looked furious. “Why did this all get turned on me, though?” she asked. “Where is your responsibility in all this?”

Then Kim really stuck it to Kyle. “I have a really great relationship with my sister Kathy. We talk three – four times a day,” Kim said. “We do things together. We have dinner together. Kyle and I used to do stuff like that together. We don’t have that.”

To her credit, Kyle kept her cool, saying: “As my sister I love you. As a person right now I don’t like you very much.”

Both Lisa Rinna and Eileen said they felt Kim was abusive towards Kyle. “It seems particularly vicious,” Eileen said. “It goes to a very dark place.”

Andy soon brought up the house scandal. Kim has long felt that Kyle stole their mother’s Palm Springs house from her. Andy shouldn’t have gone there because that conversation didn’t go well. But Lisa Vanderpump urged them to work this out before the family wedding. Lisa V. said correctly that they’ll always regret it if they’re not all in the pictures.

“I don’t know,” Kim said. “There’s a side of me that’s just, like, done. And there’s a side of me that knows this has to be fixed.”

“I think more than anything I want to break a family here,” Brandi said. “That’s never been my intent. I would love you guys together.”

Always the optimist, Lisa Vanderpump said, “I think somehow we’ll work it out.” But we’re not sure.