Kevin Lord: Commerce City officer arrested for false reporting

Kevin Lord: Commerce City officer arrested for false reporting

Kevin Lord, A Commerce City police officer who said he was shot last weekend has been arrested and charged with a felony.

According to an employee at the Adam’s County Jail, Kevin Lord was booked in just after 11:30 p.m. Friday and posted $5,000 bond at 4:45 a.m. Saturday.

On Friday evening, investigators announced that Lord had not been truthful about claims that a man shot him Sunday morning.

“I share with you there is no armed gunman on the loose tonight, and there are no officers in danger,” said Commerce City Police Chief Troy Smith at the press conference.

Kevin Lord’s neighbor said he was shocked by the arrest.

“I wonder what’s going to happen to him now?” asked Raymond Medina Ornelas. “It’s a shame. Somebody’s life is ruined.”

Ornelas took photos Sunday as Lord got a hero’s welcome returning home from the hospital. A few dozen police officers, firefighters and EMTs gathered in front of his home.

“We got pictures of the standing ovation they gave him. We took enchiladas over there for him,” Ornelas said. “They’re nice people. We’re sorry to see it end like this.”

Ornelas said Lord was limping and appeared hurt when he dropped off the enchiladas. Investigators won’t say if Lord was actually injured by an intentional or accidental shooting or anything about a motive.

“We are not, at this time, going to be giving you details on that investigation,” said Adams County District Attorney Dave Young. “As a matter of fact, the case has been sealed.”

Kevin Lord faces a felony charge of attempting to influence a public official and a misdemeanor charge of false reporting. Young said, if convicted, Lord could could spend a maximum of more than six years behind bars.

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  • L’iconoclast

    Why was this a front page story on Bing?

    • Byron Anderson

      Don’t know why the front page but it was posted because there are some idiots out there that don’t believe that there are crooked and bad, lying cops. Most aren’t bad but there are heartless cops out there, they’re people like everyone else.

  • Anthony Romano

    Cops must get a nice package deal from workers comp and insurance for being shot in the line of duty.

  • Adrian Brohma

    The cop probably was accustomed to falsifying reports and expected to be protected by the DA again. Lol, he probably stated that fact on the record and it’s why the case has been sealed!