Kevin Hart to Jameis Winston: Stop Doing Dumb Stuff – Watch

Updated: November 18, 2014
Kevin Hart to Jameis Winston: Stop Doing Dumb Stuff - Watch

Comedian Kevin Hart stopped by Florida State’s Sunday practice session and cracked a few jokes in the team locker room. Hart, who was in town for an upcoming show, was particularly blunt with star quarterback/habitual line-stepper, Jameis Winston.

Winston has never lost a game as the Seminoles’ starting quarterback, winning a national title and Heisman Trophy, but he’s also been a lightning rod for criticism off the field.

A code of conduct hearing looms in connection with an allegation he sexually assault an FSU student in December 2012, a charge Winston has repeatedly denied.

Winston has been accused of stealing soda from a Burger King and damaging windows during a BB gun battle. He was caught on security cameras and cited for stealing crab legs from a Publix grocery store and was suspended for one game earlier this season for shouting a vulgar Internet meme on campus.

Hart was in Tallahassee for a show and toured FSU football facilities, posing for pictures with players and coach Jimbo Fisher in the Seminoles’ locker room.

Hart may have been blunt, but he is far from the first to admonish Winston for his behavior. Former FSU coach Bobby Bowden said need to be more mature, while Fisher and some of Winston’s teammates have said during interviews he needs to be more responsible off the field.