Kevin Federline Penis Photo Hoax? Dancer penis pic is so wrong, but not for the reason you think

Updated: November 27, 2014
Kevin Federline Penis Photo: Dancer penis pic is so wrong, but not for the reason you think

Kevin Federline – That Penis Pic Is Bogus, What’s that, you say? Oh! Apparently there were pictures floating around of Kevin Federline, as TMZ so artfully put it. “gripping his Sexcalibur like he’s preparing for battle.”

If you thought this was your opportunity to finally see Federline naked, then not so fast. According to TMZ, this raunchy penis-exposing picture of the former backup dancer — that has fast and furiously been making its way around the internet — is a complete fake! And how do they know that it’s fake? Well, apparently Federline’s slong is much, much bigger in real life.

Sources close to the father-of-six have revealed to the gossip outlet that the picture is 100 percent Photoshopped because not only are there no tattoos around the crotch area (which the dancer reportedly has in real life), but also the size is just not right!

This wouldn’t be the first faked celeb nude picture we’ve ever come across over the years, but it is amusing that someone still wants to fake Federline and his penis — c’mon, he’s hardly an A-list celebrity.

So far, there has been no one to validate the claims that Federline’s “baby maker” is much bigger in real life, and we don’t expect Spears to be passing comment on her ex-husband’s junk anytime soon, either.