Kentucky teens’ crime spree runs through Henry County

Kentucky teens' crime spree runs through Henry County

Two Kentucky teenagers who are wanted in a multi-state crime spree are gaining national attention as they remain on the lam.

Cheyenne Phillips, 13, and Dalton Hayes, 18, have allegedly stolen cars, forged checks and burglarized homes, investigators said. The couple’s last known crime happened in Henry County, where police say they stole a pickup loaded with guns.

The pair started their alleged crime spree in Grayson County, Kentucky, and someone later spotted them in South Carolina, authorities said.

Channel 2’s Rachel Stockman obtained surveillance video of the couple entering a Walmart in South Carolina. They allegedly tried to pass off forged checks.

Their parents are unsure of what might happen next.

“He has never went this long without contacting me,” said Hayes’ mother, Tammy Martin. “It’s very stressful. I’m just worried that they’re not safe anymore.”

“Just please come home. Come home, we can work through whatever it is,” said Phillips’ mother, Sherry Peters.

Police say the couple may have been involved in a series of home burglaries before taking off in a stolen red pickup and passing off forged checks in Kentucky, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Their next and last known stop was on Airline Road in Henry County. Police say on Wednesday, the couple ditched their stolen red pickup and stole a silver 2001 Toyota Tundra pickup.

“The citizen that owns the vehicle does have registered firearms that he kept in the vehicles, and they were stolen as well,” said Henry County Police Lt. Joey Smith.

It is not clear if the couple is still in Georgia. But investigators say the level of crimes seems to be escalating.

“It’s very serious anyway. But knowing that weapons are involved and it’s confirmed, always you are going to be on heightened alert and everyone should take caution if they see the vehicle. Never approach it,” Smith said.