Kenneth Tate Security Guard Fired After Photographing Obama, cries foul

Updated: November 4, 2014
Kenneth Tate Security Guard Fired After Photographing Obama

Kenneth Tate, the private security guard fired after photographing President Barack Obama in an elevator at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, says the day went from being among the best he had ever had to “a nightmare.”

Kenneth Tate was in charge of operating Mr. Obama’s elevator during the visit. He even had a short conversation with him.

But as the president was heading back to his limo, Tate got too close to the car to snap a picture.

The Secret Service got angry and told his bosses.

A follow-up investigation found Tate was also carrying a CDC-issued handgun at the time, which violated Secret Service rules.

Earlier rumors that he was a convicted felon turned out to be false. He had been arrested, but never convicted.

Tate lost his job, and so did his son, who worked at the CDC. His son’s bosses say it was a downsizing move.

Tate tells the New York Times he still doesn’t know why he lost his job. His security employers say Tate’s story is not accurate.