Kendra Harrison sets world record in 100-meter hurdles, Details

Updated: July 23, 2016
Kendra Harrison sets world record in 100-meter hurdles, Details

Kendra Harrison broke a 28-year-old world record and had the best reaction when she found out.

Kendra Harrison may have missed the opportunity to go to the Olympics in Rio next month. But she overcompensated that loss by breaking the 28-year old 100m hurdles record last night in London.

The 23-year-old Tennessee native destroyed a world-class field running a new personal best—and World record—at 12.20 seconds. The record was formerly set by Bulgarian Yordanka Donkova in 1988. That record was older than Harrison!

Her joyful reaction, which is currently making its round on social media, came after the stadium clock initially put her time at 12.57 then readjusted it to the new record.
Harrisson, however, WILL NOT be running in Rio—a testament to the super competitive US trials where she finished sixth. Only the top three winners get to go to the Olympics.

Harrison previously broke the American record of 12.24 seconds on May 28 at the Prefontaine Classic.

“After not making the Olympic team, I wanted to show these girls what I have,” she said. “You have one bad day but I still knew I had it in me.”

We hear ya, Kendra! Congratulations!