Ken Griffin : Billionaire asks court to set trial date for divorce

Ken Griffin : Billionaire asks court to set trial date for divorce

Ken Griffin asked a judge today to set a trial date for his divorce from Anne Dias Griffin.

In the pleading, Griffin claims his wife, who is the mother of his three young children, wants $1 million a month in what is described as “allegedly ‘child-related expenses.’ ”

Ken Griffin claims the amount includes $300,000 per month for a private jet, $160,000 a month for vacation rentals, and $60,000 for an office space and professional staff — “all supposedly for the children,” according to the filing.

A spokesman for Dias, who recently reverted to her maiden name, shot back: “This filing is riddled with falsehoods and just another vindictive attempt by Ken Griffin — Illinois’ richest billionaire — to punish his family and avoid his clear responsibility under Illinois law to maintain his children’s lifestyle.

“He claims to be acting in the best interests of their children, but it is the children who are being penalized by his insistence on withholding the support to which they are accustomed and entitled under Illinois law.”

Sources close to Dias also claim she is not asking for maintenance.

Although Griffin claims his wife’s requests are “staggering,” his pleading seems to up the contentious ante by stating: “It is clear that the only exigency Anne sees is the risk that she might have to start spending some of her own substantial wealth to support herself in the opulent lifestyle she desires,” according to the filing.

Divorce is never pretty, but this is getting downright ugly.