Kelly Ripa’s ‘broken’ marriage : Talk Show Host, Husband Mark Consuelos Sport Matching Leg Braces In “HIGHlarious Photo”!

Kelly Ripa Injury : Talk Show Host, Husband Mark Consuelos Sport Matching Leg Braces In HIGHlarious Photo!

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos wear matching boots after injuries.

Mark Consuelos has broken his left foot just a week after his wife Kelly Ripa broke her leg during a dance class. Mark took to Instagram on Thursday, August 6 to share a photo of him and Kelly sporting matching leg injuries.

“Can’t make this sh#! Up. Small calf tear,” Mark wrote alongside the photo which showed the couple sitting on the end of a staircase with sad faces. The couple wore matching all-black outfits and white sneakers. Kelly reposted the snap along with caption, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW??????????? WTF?????”

According to Mark’s rep, his injury is minor. He tore his calf while working out.

On Thursday, July 30, Kelly showed up on “Live! with Kelly and Michael” with crutches after injuring her leg during dance class. “I feel like a fool and my ego is very severely injured,” she joked before explaining, “I was in a dance class, like I typically, usually am, and somebody had left a weight on the floor. Usually what happens is you do dancing and then you do weights and then you put your weights back on your mat.”

“Somebody, I guess, either left it not on their mat or maybe kicked it when they were dancing. I don’t know. All I know is I did a jump – and in my mind, I am an incredible dancer, graceful as can be – and I landed on the weight and my foot went over and under the weight,” she continued.

Kelly later joked her husband was enjoying her suffering. “Mark is at the hospital with me and has never in 21 years felt the need to photograph me, videotape me, when I have full hair and makeup,” she shared. “But yesterday, he followed me around with a camera, he was never more alive, he loved this moment of suffering.”

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