Keith Olbermann: Trump is winning because the media has failed the American people “Details”

Keith Olbermann: Trump is winning because the media has failed the American people "Details"

Keith Olbermann, whose dormant career as a liberal commentator was revitalized this year by the rise of Donald Trump, thinks the news media is giving the Republican nominee a pass for the sake of profit.

Speaking out in a guest column at The Hollywood Reporter, Olbermann placed the bulk of the blame for Trump on corporate media who he claims are too afraid of offending the candidate and risk losing future interviews to really ask the questions that matter.

But Olbermann claims that this sort of political bent in media is much the same as it has always been, at least since the Reagan era. Everyone’s clear-eyed view of corporate media today is lagging just a few decades behind as by now, this sort of hidden bias has become the new normal for the news.

“If he is scheduled to do 20 Trump town halls for you between now and the election, thus saving you about a month’s worth of production costs for your average cable news show (a million or two, depending on how much you pay your meat puppet), you don’t examine what’s going on inside of a man who could first pretend to be his own media spokesman, then boast about his own sexual conquests in the third person, then admit the deception to a reporter, then again admit it on the legal record, then deny it on national television, then when pressed about it by The Washington Post simply hang up the phone.”

Of course, if Olbermann were so upset about corporate media’s role in Trump’s rise to infamy, he could always employ his own journalistic skills but he has for some reason chose to sit by the wayside and point the finger at others.

We hope that this column was just the first of many serving as a wake-up call to Olbermann and that we can expect to hear much more from him in the coming weeks and months.

  • jimmy snuka

    Olbermann is the worst of all, he failed as a journalist. Sure he is still making elite money. As for a reporter he is one sided. (the wrong side) and he is the worst

    • kip martin

      Amen! I don’t consider him a reporter or a commentator, I think he is more of a societal leech that shows his lack of intelligence every time he speaks. If it wasn’t for the liberal media he wouldn’t be employed.

  • John Doe


  • George Johnson

    Yes Keith, the media HAS failed. Had it done its job Hillary would be in prison now.

  • Craig Kratovil

    The media wouldn’t pay him any attention. He is absolutely correct. The media has bolstered trump rather than being fair and balanced…AND NOT throwing softballs at trump. The media has prostituted itself for the mighty dollar.

  • kip martin

    It figures, Keith is a failure so I suppose it is only fitting that he brings the rest of the media to his low level. Which is why he should go back into dormancy ! ! Or even better, move to another country and become a liberal recluse

  • Don O’Connor

    I’ve been “involved” with the world longer than I sometimes care to admit but one thing I will always claim is my admiration for Keith Olbermann. To say he is a
    “failed” journalist makes me smile and scratch my head in curiosity that anyone
    offering that opinion could be so wrong. If anything, Mr. Olbermann stands very high on my list of those with a public platform and an informed basis for offering that public opinion who have always “told it like it is” or at least the way they interpreted the topic under discussion. Whether the topic is sports, politics

    or life he always gives an interesting take on the subject. There is no need to
    denigrate him if you do not simply agree with him…