Kayleigh Haywood’s killer jailed for life – Details

Kayleigh Haywood's killer jailed for life - Details
Kayleigh Haywood's killer jailed for life - Details

The killer of 15-year-old Kayleigh Haywood has been sentenced to life imprisonment while the man who groomed the schoolgirl was also jailed.

Stephen Beadman killed Kayleigh after she was groomed online and lured to the home of his neighbour Luke Harlow.

Beadman will serve a minimum of 35 years for rape, false imprisonment and murder.

Mrs Justice Cox, sentencing at Nottingham Crown Court, told Beadman: “The pain, terror and anguish that would have been suffered by this young girl is truly horrifying to contemplate.”

Harlow, 28, was sentenced to 12 years for falsely imprisoning and grooming Kayleigh.

He sexually abused Kayleigh after tricking her into going to his house without her parents’ knowledge.

He then invited in Beadman, the judge said, and they kept her captive for over five hours.

They were both found guilty earlier this week of falsely imprisoning the 15-year-old in the hours before she was killed on 15 November.

Mrs Justice Cox told the pair: “The case has shown once again the dangers to which young users of social media are exposed, to the grief and bewilderment of unsuspecting parents.”

Harlow, who labelled himself a “professional serial killer” on Twitter, pleaded guilty to grooming and engaging in sexual activity with Kayleigh.

He also admitted attempting to meet two other teenagers after grooming them online, sending messages the judge described as “chilling”.

Beadman, 29, admitted murder and rape but denied holding the schoolgirl prisoner before attacking her after she fled Harlow’s house.

Kayleigh was seen pinned to the ground by Beadman in the early hours of 15 November outside Harlow’s house in Ibstock, Leicestershire.

She was then marched barefoot to a forest park.

Beadman told police he had used a brick as a weapon, and searched online for “lime pit” after killing Kayleigh, from Measham.

Her body was found three days later, hidden in a hedge near a stream, after an extensive police search.

There were so many serious injuries to Kayleigh’s face that she had to be identified through dental records, the judge told the court.

Kayleigh’s parents said: “We cannot begin to find the words to describe how we feel or how we continue to get through each minute of every day.”

In a statement released after Beadman and Harlow were found guilty of false imprisonment, Kayleigh’s mother said: “We are all heartbroken and devastated, our hearts have been torn apart.

“We ask ourselves every day, why? Why Kayleigh? Why did this happen to our beautiful daughter?”