Kanye Style : Kim Kardashian Nearly Nude On Dirt Pile “Picture”

Kanye Style : Kim Kardashian Nearly Nude On Dirt Pile - Picture

Kim Kardashian shows off her derriere in nude bodysuit and stockings while posing on mound of dirt in photo shoot styled by husband Kanye West.

Bizarre new pictures of the reality star have emerged showing her lying in the dirt dressed in nothing but a nude bodice and black stockings.

And if you think Kanye wouldn’t approve, think again because he styled her for the shoot himself.

The pictures were shot for Juergen Teller for System Magazine at France’s Château d’Ambleville when she had bleached blonde hair back in March.

The portfolio of photos shows off Kardashian’s most famous asset including a shot in which she is lying in a pile of rubble with suede lace-up boots.

Kanye is also featured in the shoot, but he managed to keep his clothes on for it.

Une photo publiée par @systemmagazine le

  • Doris Casey

    they really dont know how totally disgusting this all is ?? have they no self respect at all.??

  • Casper


  • HUGO

    How entirely appropriate is ‘that’: a fetid piece of diseased shit distinctly ensconced on an otherwise pristine pile of dirt! Hey, West’s… there are prohibitions against littering and polluting the environment (for perfectly good and valid reasons)!

  • Bennett Rubinroit

    her caboose wow

  • disqus_zBW74Ha7Sy

    She Look’s cheap she not confident about herself always looking for attention from the puplic she not will like at all by high percent of the puplic or her family ? That color makes her look old sorry but truth ?

  • Robert Dudley

    Love how everyone comments on how much they hate these people, and yet they give clicks and ratings by reading and watching shit about them. If you STOP watching or caring, the networks stop making money, and they will GO AWAY.