Justin Upton throws helmet in dugout, smashes teammate’s head ‘Watch’

Justin Upton throws helmet in dugout, smashes teammate's head

Justin Upton threw his helmet in frustration on Saturday night, unintentionally injuring teammate Yonder Alonso in the process. The San Diego Padres were playing the Colorado Rockies.

Upton launched his helmet, which then ricocheted and hit catcher Yonder Alonso in the back of the head so hard that it knocked him completely off his perch at the top of the dugout fence and on to the ground.

Alonso was understandably pissed, getting up and storming off before slamming a bucket of gum into the ground. Upton was apologetic after the game, telling MLB.com that he made a mistake.

“We’re out there competing and that’s a big point in the game and I made a big mistake,” Upton said. “I was pretty upset about it. It’s childish. I’ve got to do better than that and not make that mistake again.”

Alonso would be removed from the game as a precaution, though he and Upton dapped each other up later in the game and everything seems to be fine between them. Alonso said the two spoke after the game and that it was “all good.”

But hey, Justin, probably chill on launching your helmet when your surrounded by teammates before someone gets an actual concussion.