Josh Rosen: ‘UCLA’ Quarterback’s Dorm Room Hot Tub Dream Drained

Josh Rosen: UCLA Quarterback's Dorm Room Hot Tub Dream Drained

Josh Rosen’s run as the hot tub king of UCLA has ended, as the school has forced the freshman quarterback to remove the inflatable pool from his dorm.

Last week, UCLA QB Josh Rosen posted pictures of his newest addition to his dorm room, an inflatable hot tub. While the internet and many fans didn’t have any issues with Rosen’s newest furniture, one UCLA department did.

UCLA’s residential housing rules don’t allow residents to move their own furnishings into the dorms. In a statement given to TMZ, UCLA Associate Media Director, Ricardo Vazquez said, “We have been told that the hot tub has been removed from his room. It’s gone.”

With Rosen only a true freshman, this might not be the last we see of the hot tub if he decides to move out of the dorms.

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