Jordan Britten Found Dead : Body of missing spring breaker found in South Padre

Updated: March 27, 2015
Jordan Britten Found Dead : Body of missing spring breaker found in South Padre

Jordan Britten, a college student on spring break was found dead in a marshy area on South Padre Island Thursday morning.

His body was in a marsh area on the south side of the island, right next to the Schlitterbahn parking lot. He and two friends attended the UME concert there Friday night.

Britten’s body was found nearly nude. Police are calling this a death with suspicious activity. They are not labeling it a homicide investigation.

The body was found by Border Patrol agents’ cadaver dogs at around 10 a.m. Thursday.

South Padre Island Police Chief Randy Smith explained the field Britten was found in is a marshy area with three feet of water. The body was found partially submerged. It was about 50 yards from the roadway.

Smith said, “The handler or the police officer handling that dog didn’t even realize he was standing next to the body at the time. That’s how thick that brush is.”

He was reported missing after those two friends, made it back to Killeen without him. Police found his car still parked where the two left it Friday night. Inside, investigators discovered drugs.

Chief Smith said, “There are some things in there in the image, like liquid ecstasy and what we call Molly on the street.”

Investigators also found marijuana and individually packaged pills. The narcotics were sent to labs for testing.

Police believe he may have ended up in the marsh after trying to get back into Schlitterbahn after the concert.

“There’s something to do with him losing his keys, there may have been something as it relates to that,” said the chief.

His mother was there yesterday trying to find those keys. They are still missing, along with his cell phone.

There were no signs of obvious trauma to the body. An autopsy was ordered to determine cause of death.

Police plan to continue questioning those two friends in Killeen. They also will continue to search the marsh for more clues into Britten’s death.