Johnny Manziel: “Quarterback” reportedly indicted by Dallas grand jury

Johnny Manziel: Quarterback reportedly indicted by Dallas grand jury
Johnny Manziel: Quarterback reportedly indicted by Dallas grand jury

Johnny Manziel has been indicted by a grand jury on a misdemeanor assault with bodily injury charge, KRLD-AM in Dallas reports.

According to the report, Manziel will be indicted on Monday on a misdemeanor charge of assault with bodily injury. He faces up to a year in jail if convicted, according to Reuters.

A police report released by the Fort Worth Police Department in February said Manziel was involved in a conflict with Colleen Crowley, his ex-girlfriend, that began at a hotel in Dallas and continued in a car and at her apartment. Via ESPN:

According to the police report, parts of which were blacked out, Manziel and his ex-girlfriend left the hotel after he struck her. Manziel drove them to his ex-girlfriend’s apartment in Fort Worth. The ex-girlfriend told officers that she and Manziel shouted angrily at each other, going back and forth during the drive, and that he struck her several more times.

According to sources for WFAA in Dallas, Crowley’s affidavit says that during the drive to the apartment, Manziel said “he was going to drop me off, take my car, and go kill himself” and later told her to “shut up or I’ll kill us both.”

Manziel denied the incident to TMZ sports, saying “it did not happen.”

The charge in this case comes after Manziel has been dropped by two agents in the past three months.

Manziel’s close confidant Nate Fitch sent out an ominous message on Twitter on Sunday in which he appeared to say he was “desperate to help” Manziel and that not hearing from the fallen football star was “terrifying.”

We have reached out to Manziel’s attorney for comment.