Johnny Manziel: Cleveland Browns quarterback stopped by police; admits to drinking

Updated: October 17, 2015
Johnny Manziel: Cleveland Browns quarterback stopped by police, admits to drinking

Johnny Manziel was pulled over after a domestic argument “got out of hand,” according to WEWS NewsChannel 5 in Cleveland.

According to the police report the argument took place between Manziel and Crowley, who attends Texas Christian University and alcohol was involved.

News Net 5 Reports:

The incident started on I-90 westbound near the Nagle Road overpass on Monday at 6 p.m.

According to the report, a witness called police after seeing Manziel’s white Nissan use the shoulder of the road to pass her at a high speed.

The witness told police the couple was arguing and Crowley attempted to exit the vehicle while they were on the road.

In the report, both Manziel and Crowley admitted they were having an argument and Crowley threw a wallet out of the window.

Neither Manziel nor Crowley were charged in the incident as police did not believe the two were intoxicated enough to be charged. Both were allowed to drive away in Manziel’s white Nissan. Crowley posted this to her Instagram following the incident: