Joey Votto suspended two games, files appeal “Watch”

Joey Votto suspended two games, files appeal - Watch

Joey Votto received a two-game suspension and an undisclosed fine resulting from his ejection in the eighth inning of Wednesday night’s game.

What started as a disagreement about an outside pitch called for a strike escalated when Votto motioned toward the Reds dugout and seemed to suggest his request for timeout had not been granted. Welke then gave the All-Star first baseman the heave-ho, sparking a fiery confrontation. At one point Welke reacted as if he’d been spit on.

Votto left the clubhouse before media were allowed in. His manager, Bryan Price, attempted to explain what went on.

“When Joey looked over, that, to me, was my sign to get out there and make sure I had an understanding of what was going on in that situation. By the time I got there, Joey had been ejected,” [he] said. “At that point in time, I did not know, but by the time I got isolated with Bill at home plate, we did both come to the conclusion that Joey had asked for time out, and Bill didn’t feel like he was going to give him time out for whatever – due to whatever history had happened. So our argument is, of course, a guy asks for time out, you give him time out, and then you give him a certain period of time out of the box, and then you insist he gets back in the box or you put the ball in play. Those are some of the options.”

Price was also ejected for sharing his opinion with Welke.

The eruption was the culmination of a rough three-day stretch for Votto.

In all three games of the series, Votto had demonstrated displeasure with the strike zone from the umpiring crew. He had been called out on strikes once in each of the games — including by Welke in the first inning on Wednesday. Votto also struck out swinging in the fourth inning.