Joey Feek: ‘Country Star’ Is Embracing Each Moment She Has Left With Her Daughter Indiana

Updated: November 14, 2015
Joey Feek: Country Star Is Embracing Each Moment She Has Left With Her Daughter Indiana

Joey Feek is battling terminal cancer, but has decided to stop treatment. The Joey + Rory performer has instead chosen to enter hospice care in her final days.

The 40-year-old’s husband Rory has written an emotional blog post about her choice to come home from hospital and spend her remaining time with her young daughter, Indiana.

Despite surgery and intensive chemotherapy and radio therapy, Joey’s cancer continued spreading. She has now arranged for hospice car at home with medication to help with the pain.

Rory wrote: “Yesterday I sat her down in front of her mama and they smiled and played and loved each other the way that only mamas and their little ones can. Afterwards, when Indy got sleepy, Joey held her and sang ‘In The Garden’ and other hymns as she softly stroked her silky-blonde hair. Perfect love filled that hospital room as we all held our breath and wiped our eyes.”

Planning ahead Joey has recorded herself reading story books so that her daughter can remember her after she passes.

Our thoughts go out to Joey and her family at this terribly difficult time.

What a brave and inspiring lady.

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