Joe Vitt, Gregg Williams resolved past differences some time ago – (News)

Joe Vitt, Gregg Williams resolved past differences some time ago –

When the Jets announced their coaching staff for the 2019 season, plenty of people raised their eyebrows at the fact that it included both outside linebackers coach Joe Vitt and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.

They last coached together with the Saints in 2011 and both men were suspended the next year after an NFL investigation into allegations that the team was running a bounty system on defense. Williams was suspended indefinitely and Vitt was suspended six games after giving testimony alleging that Williams lied when he spoke to investigators about what went on.

Given the history, those people with raised eyebrows were wondering how everything would work out this year. According to a report from Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, however, the two men have moved past any bad feelings generated at that time.

Per the report, the two men buried the hatchet a few years ago and Vitt, who is Jets head coach Adam Gase’s father-in-law, recommended Williams for a job on Gase’s staff in Miami heading into the 2017 season. Williams wound up in Cleveland, which delayed until this year a reunion that is apparently less fraught with the potential for problems than some believed.