Jockey Donates Winnings : American Pharoah trainer, ‘Victor Espinoza’ donate earnings to charity

Jockey Donates Winnings : American Pharoah trainer, Victor Espinoza donate earnings to charity

American Pharoah jockey Victor Espinoza always donates a percentage of his winnings to City of Hope, a cancer research and treatment facility in California. After winning the Belmont Stakes and, with it, the Triple Crown yesterday, however, he was feeling especially generous.

According to ABC News, Espinoza will be donating every last dollar from Saturday’s race to City of Hope, a leading cancer research hospital in Los Angeles that also does research on other life threatening diseases including diabetes and HIV. After his race with American Pharaoh, Espinoza said that he couldn’t believe that he had won and was happy to donate all of his prize money to the hospital.

City of Hope released a statement saying “[We] are deeply grateful for the support of Victor Espinoza and his continuing efforts to raise awareness of our groundbreaking scientific research and our lifesaving, patient focused care. We are extremely pleased to be able to congratulate him and American Pharaoh on their remarkable accomplishment in winning the Triple Crown.”

Espinoza is a frequent donator and volunteer at City of Hope, having donated winnings to them in the past and often visits with patients. “Good health — that’s what I want for everyone. With good health, people can enjoy life and do those things that make them happy,” Espinoza said last year while working with the hospital. “By working to defeat cancer, City of Hope’s researchers and doctors are bringing a greater chance of health and happiness to people everywhere.”