Joan Rivers Will $150 Million Fortune To Melissa Rivers

Updated: October 20, 2014
Joan Rivers Will $150 Million Fortune To Melissa Rivers

Joan Rivers earned a fortune from her QVC business and non-stop, stand-up performances – and it’s all going to her only daughter Melissa, the grandson she ‘worshiped’ – as well as her pet dogs.

“Those dogs are her family,” a source told Daily News’ [email protected] “They meant the world to her and Joan wanted to make sure that if anything happened to her that they would be taken care of.”

Starpulse reports Rivers’ goddaughter Tracie Hotchner wrote on her blog that the dogs were her “best friends.”

It’s estimated that Rivers amassed a fortune of $150 million throughout her career. The exact will arrangements are not known, but her daughter is reportedly selling the NYC apartment she had just a few floors down from her mom’s $35 million home.

A source said, “Melissa is based in L.A. and has no need for a place in New York any more. It’s also too painful; Joan loved the city so much.”