Jimmy Snuka: “Pro-wrestler” to face murder trial

Jimmy Snuka: Pro-wrestler to face murder trial

Jimmy Snuka, the 6-foot World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Famer, rose from the wheelchair which he has used since having three-quarters of his cancerous stomach removed in early September, and walked into Lehigh County Court to proclaim his innocence in the 1983 slaying of his girlfriend.

The Lehigh County district attorney filed a motion to bypass the preliminary hearing, saying these grand jury findings were more than enough to head to trial.

Snuka left the Lehigh County courthouse through a back door. The former pro wrestler now heads to trial for allegedly murdering his girlfriend in 1983.

Snuka’s attorneys agreed to pass up preliminary hearing in exchange for grand jury testimony and copies of exhibits prior to trial.

“Those witnesses gave statements. Those statements can be useful cross-examination materials. It gives me an idea of what the D.A. is going to present at trial,” said defense attorney Robert Kirwan.

Prosecutors announced in September that a grand jury found enough evidence to indict Snuka on third-degree murder charges for the death of his girlfriend Nancy Argentino more than 30 years ago.

Snuka’s defense team says they believe prosecutors are trying to speed up the process.

Snuka is battling stomach cancer, but they also suspect this rush to trial isn’t just due to of Snuka’s illness.

“It makes me suspicious that they’re aware of their own weaknesses in their own case. They want to push it past to get it to a trial level and deal with it later,” Kirwan said.

Prosecutors would not comment, but Snuka’s attorneys say this former pro wrestler is looking forward to his day in court.

“Mr. Snuka, if his health continues to deteriorate, he’d like to leave this world knowing he’s an innocent man, not with everyone thinking that he’s guilty.”

The next step in this case will be a formal arraignment. Attorneys are expecting that to be scheduled sometime early November.