Jim Kelly chemo postponed a week

Updated: April 1, 2014
Jim Kelly chemo postponed a week

Kelly’s chemotherapy treatment postponed a week till Monday, Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kellys cancer treatment has been delayed. Kelly, 54, was set to begin radiation and chemotherapy this week for a recurrence of cancer in his jaw that has spread.

The Buffalo News reported Monday night Kelly had a fever that caused doctors in New York City to push back treatment.

“I’m very humbled that so many people took the time out to not only send me well wishes but more importantly the prayers. That is what is going to get me through this. And I have so many great people to thank that I would be here all day. So on behalf of my family, thank you very much and don’t stop those prayers,” Jim Kelly said.

Jim’s wife Jill has been posting pictures and videos of visits from family and friends on social media.

She says what they have been through with their son Hunter, who was born with a rare nerve condition and died at the age of eight, is something that is still affecting her husband and the fight he is now facing.

“I think the struggle with Hunter has changed that man. He’s changed and I think the struggle with Hunter is also helping him get through what he’s going through now. And the compassion that he has for people is being paid back to him a bazillion fold right now,” Jill told CBS This Morning.