Jim Gaffigan Is the New Colonel Sanders ‘Watch’

Updated: February 9, 2016
Jim Gaffigan Is the New Colonel Sanders - Watch

Jim Gaffigan replaces Norm MacDonald as KFC’s new Colonel Sanders.

Fast food restaurant Kentucky Fried Chicken can’t seem to decide which male comedian they want as their iconic spokesman, Colonel Sanders. In a surprise casting change-up for their upcoming pregame Super Bowl 50 commercial, Norm MacDonald has been replaced with Jim Gaffigan.

This is the third person to portray Colonel Sanders after “Saturday Night Live” alum Darrell Hammond was replaced with Macdonald last year.

In the new ad, Gaffigan awakes from a nightmare in which the entire world has been seeing Macdonald as Sanders. He’s even more horrified upon seeing Macdonald’s face in his wedding photo with his wife, before yelling the company’s tagline, “It’s finger licking’ good!”

Will the rotation keep going? Maybe the next Colonel Sanders will be an angrier version and KFC will hire Lewis Black. Or in a more stereotypical Hollywood casting situation, Gaffigan will soon be replaced with a hotter and younger version of the Colonel played by Dane Cook or Chris D’Elia.

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