Jetman Dubai flies in tandem with his sidekick to create history – Watch

Jetman Dubai flies in tandem with his sidekick to create history - Watch

Jetman Dubai – real name Yves Rossy – and his protege, Jetman Vince Reffet “explore the limits in the city of dreams” as seen in this fascinating video.

Briefing the media on the 112th floor of the world’s tallest mixed-use tower Burj Khalifa (828 meters above sea level), 55-year old Rossy said Vince Reffet from France will become the only second person in the world to earn distinction of flying the innovative jetman wing.

The two jetmen and aviation enthusiast announced on Monday that they already performed during the first quarter of this year the world’s first twin formation flights over the desert of Dubai, the Dubai marina port district and above the Burj Khalifa itself.

A video was shown of the breathtaking dual flight to the over 100 media representatives and it will be made public later on social media channels.
The duo will be based in Dubai which Rossy calls home since late 2014.

Reffet said he is proud to be Rossy’s friend and full-time teammate and that both aim to bring the jetman idea to the next level by experimenting new ways to fly.”

Rossy, a profession pilot, became world-famous when he overflew the Swiss Alps with his jet-engines equipped wings for the first time in 2008. Similar flights followed over the English Channel, the Grand Canyon in the United States and other iconic locations.

He is the first man in history to fly using 55 kg suit strapped to his back, and has made it possible to fly up to a height of 4,000 meters for 10 minutes over Dubai’s skyline with a speed of 260 km per hour.

“My dream was flying and skydiving realized it, but only into one direction. I wanted to fly into all directions on my own,” said Rossy. Thirty-year old Reffet joined France’s national freefly team with which he won several world championships.