Jessica Simpson flaunts slimmed down body in a Sexy Swimsuit! – Picture

Jessica Simpson flaunts slimmed down body in a Sexy Swimsuit!

Jessica Simpson flaunts slimmed down body in new swimsuit campaign.

Jessica Simpson showed off her 70-pound weight loss in a sexy fringe swimsuit for her spring 2015 Jessica Simpson Collection, called the “Sedona” collection.

In the photo, which was shot by famed photographer Gilles Bensimon, the mom-of-two flaunts her curves in the low-cut fringed one-piece while posing among the rugged Southwestern surroundings.

Jess’ swimsuit retails for $106 at Nordstrom — but unfortunately the design is all sold out, and we can see why!

The 34-year-old star hasn’t been shy about showing off her super toned body. After welcoming daughter Maxwell and son Ace back-to-back, the “Public Affair” songstress got her body back into shape thanks to a rigorous workout routine.

“I work out five days a week: three days with a trainer, doing a mix of strength training and cardio, and then I do cardio on my own the other two days,” she said in a recent interview with InStyle. “Somehow I make it work, but I’ve slowed down since my wedding.”

  • Girl be all cracked out, though. That interview video she did was just messed up. Tweaked out on diet pills and alcohol, that ain’t no way to lose weight. Losing weight is freaking hard as can be, especially with so much information out there on the right way or wrong way to lose fat. Foods we can’t eat, exercises we gotta do, it’s enough to drive somebody crazy.

    It ain’t just about eating less and moving more or counting calories and weighing all your food. Sure, that stuff works for a little bit but it only gets you so far and then once you stop that diet you just gain it all back (and usually extra weight!). We lost right around 115 pounds (between the 2 of us) in just under 3 months (we tried different diets and reviewed them on our website at ). It’s all about a life change. Starving yourself, doing cardio till you drop and popping diet pills don’t work and it never will.