Jessica Liesmann : Mom Attacks Carjacker In Dallas – Watch

Jessica Liesmann : Mom Attacks Carjacker In Dallas - Watch

A High-speed police chase ends with Texas mom attacking suspected carjacker.

Police chased the car Wednesday afternoon in North Dallas until the driver hit an SUV and a minivan at a stop light.

The woman driving the minivan, Jessica Liesmann, jumped out and rushed the suspect as he tried to get out of the car. Then, she and another person fought the suspect when he tried to run away.

Police arrived, broke up the fight and took the man into custody.

“I saw him come up from behind and hit me. I turned around and asked my son if he was OK, and he said ‘yeah,’” said Liesmann. “I jumped out and was like ‘what the hell’s wrong with you? You’re in a school zone!’ He didn’t say anything. I was just angry.”

“My mom did put him in his place,” T.J. said. “I’m glad he is in jail because to be honest when I was in the car, I thought I died.”

T.J. was taken to the hospital but is expected to be fine.