Jeremih : Beer Brawl at Fuddruckers – Watch

Updated: November 9, 2014
Jeremih : Beer Brawl at Fuddruckers - Watch

We just got video of R & B singer Jeremih and his crew throwing beer bottles in a Fuddruckers, and he sure looks like an out-of-control punk.

The “Don’t Tell ‘Em” singer made claims that the manager was racist, but according to the manager, he was just doing his job by protecting a female customer. TMZ reports:

Jeremih claimed the manager was racist by asking him to leave the area around the front counter.The manager tells us Jeremih and his guys were harassing a young female cashier and she told the manager they were making her feel uncomfortable.

When you watch the video, you can clearly see bottles flying. There has been no word from the crew on last night’s incident and no arrests have been made yet.