Jeff Dabe: Popeye Arm Wrestling Champ Has The Biggest Forearms You’ve Ever Seen “Watch”

Jeff Dabe : Popeye Arm Wrestling Champ Has The Biggest Forearms You’ve Ever Seen

Jeff Dabe, Arm wrestler nicknamed ‘Popeye’ because of his HUGE arms.

His monster forearms measure more than 19 inches around and the size and strength of his fingers help him to grip a basketball in each hand.

It all appears due to a family trait with old photographs showing he was born with oversized limbs.

The 52-year-old from Stacy, Minnesota, started to build up his strength carrying out farm chores like chopping wood, shovelling and working with heavy equipment.

He has competed in tournaments since the 1980s.

He said: “I arm wrestled as a senior in high school.

“The fans way back named me Popeye.”

The animated Sailor Man, Popeye has been famous since 1929 for muscles that would bulge after he downed a can of spinach.

Jeff is now state champion and competes on the world arm wrestling events circuit, allowing him to travel across the US with his wife Gina, 53.

She said: “I always encourage him no matter what he does – and it’s so fun.

“Everyone thinks Jeff is really funny and we do lots of goofy things together.

“I love the tournaments, and he gets me on aeroplanes to nice hotels and beautiful places. We are so proud of him.”

  • Chaskaroxy

    Wow..if this is what steroids does to his outer body just think how they are enlarging his heart and the muscles around his heart. He will be dead from his heart giving out at a very young age. His hands are so massive I am sure that they are so large and awkward that they are not much good for doing anything especially holding small objects like eating utensils. Steroids should be outlawed. And people who abuse them like this guy should be arrested and there is no way no how this guy got so massive by NOT using steroids. You can tell by his other body parts like his head that he is NOT this way naturally.