Jay Hayes punished after criticizing coaches on Twitter “Details”

Updated: September 27, 2015
Jay Hayes punished after criticizing coaches on Twitter - Details

Out-of-bounds tweets expressing frustration with his coaches have landed Notre Dame defensive tackle Jay Hayes on the sideline this weekend, coach Brian Kelly said Thursday.

Jay Hayes sent out two tweets 33 minutes apart late Tuesday evening. The first said, “When a coach stops coaching you..that’s when you jus gotta move on.” Twenty one minutes later, Hayes tweeted, “Gotta get this natty and I’m out.”

Both tweets were deleted by the next morning.

Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly said Thursday evening Hayes will not be included in the group of players that travels to the team hotel Friday night before the sixth-ranked Irish play UMass at home on Saturday.

“There has to be responsibility as it relates to social media, and you have to think before you hit send,” Kelly said. “What you have to do is you have to knock on my door instead of hitting the send button, and these are good lessons to be learned..If he has a job at Google and he talks about his boss that way, you’re probably not going to have a job the next day. So you try to use it as life lessons.

“You don’t say, ‘Hey, I’m going to take Twitter away from you.’ You just tell him look, you need to make a better decision next time or it’s going to impact you when you leave here at Notre Dame.”

Kelly’s plan was to redshirt Hayes last season, but the defensive tackle played late in the season after starting defensive tackles Sheldon Day and Jarron Jones were injured. Hayes hasn’t played in Notre Dame’s first three games this season. Kelly hasn’t confirmed he intends to redshirt Hayes this season, but said he would evaluate the sophomore’s situation later in the season. Hayes isn’t the only player spending time on the sideline.

“We have players that want to get on the field,” Kelly said. “I had a conversation with Jay. He understands the mistake he made. He won’t travel – he won’t be on the travel roster this week because of that mistake, but we have great faith in Jay. He’s going to play here. He’s still in the developmental stage. We like Jay, and just like we like [Grant] Blankenship. Just like we like [Andrew] Trumbetti who didn’t play last week. These are guys that are chomping at the bit to play. They want to play. But we’ve got good players, and that’s a good problem to have. We’re OK with Jay Hayes and Jay’s going to be fine. Just a good life lesson.”