Jay Gruden : My RG III quotes get twisted

Updated: December 18, 2014
Jay Gruden : My RG III quotes get twisted

Jay Gruden : My RG III quotes get twisted – Report : Gruden’s relationship has been under intense scrutiny for the better part of a month as the former face of the Washington Redskins was relegated to the bench by third-string quarterback Colt McCoy. Now that Griffin is returning to the starting lineup after an injury to McCoy, his head coach is trying to clear the air … sort of.

On Tuesday, Gruden’s comment that Washington could help Griffin Saturday against Philadelphia by avoiding third-and-longs, getting out to an early lead and not having to drop back and throw 30 times triggered the following: “Jay Gruden is Basically Asking to Be Fired with Comments about Robert Griffin III,” “Jay Gruden Is Slamming Robert Griffin III, Again” and “Jay Gruden Really, Really Seems to Hate Robert Griffin III.”

Asked Wednesday if he had any concerns about the broad perception of his relationship with Washington’s starting quarterback, Gruden seemed almost nonchalant — mildly annoyed, at most.

“You know what, I don’t have much of a concern really,” said Gruden, who recently acknowledged that he hadn’t been prepared for the intensity of the media spotlight and scrutiny that surrounds Washington’s NFL team.

“I know that no matter what I say about Robert, it’s going to get twisted one way or the other,” Gruden went on to say. “If I say he is doing great, it’s going to be I am too easy on him. If I say he needs to work harder, it means I said he’s lazy. If I said he needs to work on his fundamentals, it means I don’t like him.”

Griffin, for his part, has learned much the same lesson this season, with some of his remarks blown out of proportion.

Added Gruden: “I’ve got a ton of respect for Robert, man, and for what he goes through at the quarterback position, what he has already accomplished as a young quarterback and what he is going to accomplish in the future. How we coach them in here is how we coach him. But we can’t let the outside world affect what we do in here.

“And the whole idea of coach-player relationship is to get better every day and work on our game, work on what I do, work on what I can do to make him better. That’s the bottom line. That’s all we can do; that’s all we want to do.”