Jay Cutler’s brother-in-law reported missing in Utah “Details”

Jay Cutler's brother-in-law reported missing in Utah - Details
Jay Cutler's brother-in-law reported missing in Utah - Details

Authorities in Utah are looking for Bears quarterback Jay Cutler’s brother-in-law, who went missing more than a week ago.

A 2014 Honda Civic registered to Michael Cavallari was found abandoned at the side of I-70 on Nov. 27, in Grand County, UT.

Authorities there searched the area but did not find the driver nearby, a sheriff’s news release said.

Sheriff Steven White told the Desert News the vehicle was found running and the airbag deployed. Cavallari’s laptop and cell phone were also found inside, according to police.

The Grand County sheriff’s office has launched a missing-person investigation for Michael, who resides in San Clemente, CA.

“We’re combing the area for anything we can find,” White said. “We’re deeming it suspicious, but there’s nothing to indicate anything one way or another. The vehicle was just abandoned.”

The Grand County sheriff reported that credit card transactions led investigators to a convenience store in Monticello, Utah. Security video from the store positively identified Michael, who is from San Clemente, CA.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Grand County Sheriff’s Office at 435-259-8115 or www.grandcountysheriff.org.

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