Jason Heyward Bees Attack Delays Cubs-Mariners Game “Watch”

Jason Heyward Bees Attack Delays Cubs-Mariners Game - Watch
Jason Heyward Bees Attack Delays Cubs-Mariners Game - Watch

Jason Heyward survives attack from swarm of bees during Cubs game.

The bees appeared in center field in the top of the third inning. They seemed to want the Jason Heyward to play a spot in the deep corner of the outfield.

The Chicago Cubs starter resisted at first, swatting them away. He jogged to several spots in the outfield, but resorted to climbing a fence when resistance proved futile.

Having proved their dominance over center field, the swarm then moved on to the Cubs’ relievers, who abandoned their bullpen when the bees decided to claim a chair for themselves.

The Cubs pitchers were forced to walk across the field and joined the Seattle Mariners’ relievers in the right field bullpen.

“It was wild,” Cubs starter Jason Hammel said. “I’ve never seen anything like that before.”

Jason Heyward appeared unfazed, despite the more than dozen stings he received. Later in the third inning he hit a home run off Mariners’ starter James Paxton.

The apiculture interlude appears to have favored the Cubs’ opponents however.

Robinson Cano had three home runs and seven RBIs to help the Mariners outlast the Chicago Cubs 12-9 Sunday. Cano had a two-run and a three-run homer off Hammel, who allowed nine runs and eight hits in 4 1/3 innings. Cano added a two-run shot off Trevor Cahill in the eighth and finished 4 for 4.